Johanna Ortiz

To kick off our new ‘5 minutes with’, we Zoomed one of our favourite and most colourful designers, Johanna Ortiz. From Colombia with love comes Ortiz’s eponymous brand, synonymous with fun feminine prints stamped in South American flare. Marking the arrival of her Spring Summer 21 collection at Belinda, Ortiz shares her fashion musings and talks through her holiday destination go tos.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Caring, creative, free-spirited.

Johanna Ortiz

Your go to colour?
That’s an everchanging answer. Nowadays its monk orange and emerald green, love how they lighten up a look.

Something about Colombia we wouldn’t know?
No picture can make justice to its actual beauty!

Your favorite holiday destination?
Cartagena and Miami both have a such homey feel to me so they are my chosen get away destinations. Whenever I can take a short break that’s where you’ll find me.

Johanna Ortiz

What’s your off-duty style? Kimonos or a tunic. They are the perfect laid-back pieces that don’t compromise style.

Who is your style muse?
I have many, they change depending on what I’m inspired by at the time. On my latest mood board there is the iconic Brigitte Bardot.

Thoughts on the tracksuit trend?
I can see why they are such a thing, with this new reality. It’s a go to for so many people and they have inspired me to create the perfect pajama suits in my latest collections!

Johanna Ortiz

How you knew that you had made it?
Seeing women I admire like Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Julia Roberts in my designs was definitely a milestone, but building a company that employs more than 380 people is definitely it.

Best / hardest thing about being a mother?
Best: learning and letting them inspire me every day. Hardest: being away for long during business trips!

Advice on staying authentic in the age of Instagram?
Don’t follow all the trends you see, they won’t last long. Stay true to your DNA, the things you stand for, your roots…