Stephanie Conley

Belinda sits down with glamorous entertaining extraordinaire Stephanie Conley at home in Sydney to showcase the latest Spring Summer 21 arrivals. From food to fashion, Conley masters her wardrobe with effortless ease, whilst embodying the essence of a modern day Grace Kelly.

Your greatest love; fashion or food?
Fashion was my first love but food and the creativity and styling of putting a plate on a table grabs my interest more at this moment in my life.

Outside of food and fashion, what would you love to master?
Languages are always on my radar, after many years of Italian tuition I am now trying my hand at mastering basic French.

Stephanie Conley

Most memorable dinner party guest?
All my guests are memorable as they are all dear to my heart, but a hungry one and a good eater are my favourite!

What does a typical luncheon at your house look like?
Lunch at home is always buffet style and casual. I love good food but I also love to be good company and if you are stuck in the kitchen too long it becomes very boring.

Your favourite holiday destination?
Italy is my first port of call for a holiday, Amalfi, Maremma, Como... but Roma has my heart and is where I feel most at home having lived there.

The Hostess

If you had 24 hours to spend there (holiday destination), what would you do?
I would spend my 24 hours as follows in Roma. 8am Checo e Chiacchiere for a cappuccino and cornetto then walk to gianicolo to see the best view in Rome. Lunch at Pier Luigi followed by a long passeggiata .. afternoon gelato and spritz at Ciampini then onto the Stravinsky bar at Hotel de Russie for aperitivi .. dinner would be at Taverna Trilussa for a classic l’amatriciana nella padella and then a cocktail in the piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. The most perfect day!

Villa D'este lake como

Who is your style muse?
I love old school Hollywood glamour, I was brought up watching the classics and to this day the likes of Doris Day and Jane Russell are who I wanted to be when I grew up.

Do you have any style or fashion rules to live by?
Dress for your body type not for what is in fashion.

Johanna Ortiz

What do you come to Belinda for? Anything currently on your wish list?
I love Belinda for many reasons, trying on the latest collections from some of my favourite labels gives you a more tactile and present feeling when buying. I love getting so excited about a special dress and being able to walk out with it!

The last time you dressed up, where did you go and what did you wear?
I just wore my Johanna Ortiz dress to dinner and loved it, it’s such a glam and feminine label without being too dressy and overdone.

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